Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 36 12/5/11 Monday it is, on the 5th week of my 90 day Challenge, and where do I begin? How about a little back-tracking..
Day 1-10/31/11, starting weight 113.8--Started the "Lean, sexy woman workout which is on bodybuilding website, poa: to gain lean muscle mass in the next 90 days, approximately 5-10lbs. worth.
Day 22-11/21/11, up approximately 2 lbs- 115.6--still following workouts, adding a lil more weight to reps, have a hard time not doing so much cardio. I love running so much, when I don't I feel like I'm neglecting it.

Thanksgiving was a little hard to pass up all the goodies..however, w/having my Vi-Shakes, it does help w/that sweet craving..

Day 36-12/5/11--weight 117.5, continuously following the plan, feeling great, I can see definition I never have before..I am very strict on my protein intake, yes I have downfalls, but will do double time to discipline myself.

I enjoy my Vi-Shakes everyday, they give me the energy and focus I need, especially during these holiday seasons..there is never enough time to cook properly seems like, and we all know with all the shopping taking place, energy levels get low..I love the Body by Vi products, Vi-pak is undescribeable. Would NOT live w/out it! And the great thing is I don't have to pay for my products every month. Nothing is btr than free. Easy system, great rewards.

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