Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 21 of the Challenge - 2mr will be weigh in..3rd week

So here it is, day 21 of my 90 day of Friday I weighed in at 115.3, so have put on about 2 lbs since the start...I'll take that, knowing it is lean muscle I am building. Strength has increased since last week, have been keeping a daily sheet on my workouts..Absolutely love seeing the changing definition in certain areas of the body..I have increased my shakes to 1 1/2 a day, sometimes 2, plus 3 meals and snacks in between..mostly a chicken and sweet potato regimin, but it's not that love LOVE the Luna brand protein bar-Peppermint n Chocolate..delicious :p And it's also great having over 100 different recipes for shakes as never gets old and boring..I am even mixing it in my coffee as a creamer! Who knew?..
Yesterday was the event in Hilliard Oh with Blake Mallen, was brilliant to say the least! He's an amazing, intellectual man..One thing that stood out to me, and I have to share it with everyone is "Don't do what your "supposed" to do, do what you are "meant" to do! Wow!! What an incredible statement. Really think about that....I know I am, have, and will...Life is so rewarding when we really do what we are meant to do..I love helping people and want to change peoples lives so they can be healthier and happier..If we all live at our true, optimal, fullest potentials, not only will we be helping ourselves, but think of all the others you can help!! It's so incredible!! I get excited just thinking and talking about it! Sometimes you have to just dig deep and believe in urself, step out of the box, and then soar..nothing is impossible! NOTHING!
Visalus is the fastest growing health challenge in North America, and I know why! Changing lives, changing bodies..IT IS AMAZING!

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