Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: 11/2/11 Off day, but not really

So today was supposed to be my "off" day, which I did lay off on the lifting, however...I could not resist the urge to get outside for a was just way too pretty of a day not to enjoy it! I thought I would do an easy 3 1/2 miles around the neighborhood..nothing major...that turned into a 4.7 miler, felt like I was just hitting a good cadence by then..but, had to cut it off..duties called..A lot can cross ones mind as they run..maybe it's the places they run, or the places they let their mind run to...One of my favorite places to run is through the cemetary. Makes u realize how fortunate you are for every breathe you get to take, every step, time that is spent on this we all can do something to help today..really LIVE...Continuing on through town I imagine others joining in with me one by one, uniting on the uneven pavements...Everyone moving, smiling in success..We've joined together, built a who else can we help, inspire?..Yeah, sometimes when ur running, crzy things like that run through my head..i'm admitting it, but there's some sense to it I believe..Just have to read between the lines.

Lunch: Vi-Shake w/peanut butter n 1/3 bananna
So after picking up my Haley from school, we scoot on home and chill for a bit..Not much down time, just dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls, and 1/2 cup of milk
Then it's off to her tumbling class, no zumbatomic tonight so I decide for some action at spinning class! 45 minutes of great cardio w/the ol' gang at the gym! what a fun, fantastic time! I'm becoming such a gym rat..and i LOVE IT!!!!!

k, rush to pick up from tumbling, home for snack..shock: peanut butter sandwich on wheat w/ a 1/2 bananna..and dag on halloween candy got me again, so i indulged on a snack pack of oreos..:oO

All in all, it was a great day, I shoulda probably rested, but it's really hard when u have all this energy and feel this vi-vaciously good!! Love the Vi-Life and I want everyone else to as well!

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