Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4: 11/3/11 Upper Body Time 4:45pm-5:50pm

Weight: 113.7 Location: The Gym Cardio: 1 hr. teaching zumba class Gym time: Upper Body time 1hr. 5min.
Mood: Great! :) Was in an awesome mood going in, felt even better as I was doing workout, estatic by the end, could Par-tay'd!

Upper Body today consisted of:
Dips, Pullups (which improvised w/lat pulldowns), lateral raises, triceps pushdowns, and cable curls

Def enough recovery from Monday's upper workout for todays..lovin it, def testing different muscle groups, noticing small definition improvement already.
Breakfast: english muffin w/2tbs peanut butter, cup of black coffee
Snack: bananna
Lunch: McD's: (don't freak out) McDouble, sm fry, side salad w/tbs ranch dressing (desperate times call for desperate measures)
Post workout: Blueberry/Strawberry Vi-Shape Shake
Dinner: turkey sausage, 2egg omelet w/green pepper n light ham, pepper jack cheese lightly
couple tbs. of chunky peanut butter (thanks to Haley :))

added on abs tonight: 4x 3type (20,20,40) with change up of full sit ups/reg lift....also add on of 100 full out sit ups..

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