Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day1: 10/31/11 Time 9:00am Upper Body Workout

Length of workout: 1 1/2 hrs. Weight: 113.8 Location: The Gym Cardio: 2 1/2 mile med pace jog

Mood: Determined, There is nothing I cannot do to accomplish my goals. Setting attainable and realistic challenges only empowers us to stay focused mentally, physically, and spiritually. By empowering ourselves with knowledge and skills we can learn to share on with others. Paying it forward.

Pre workout: 1 cup black coffee
-warmup 6min stationary bike
upperbody (30min)
run/jog (2 1/2 mile)
abs: 4x- 3 type (20, 20, 40)
donkey kicks (3x 20 each side)

11:00 lunch- 100 cal pk oatmeal, 2 scoops vi-shape
                     2 pieces of 35 cal wheat bread w/2tbs. peanut butter
                     1 cup black coffee
snack: fruit n nut bar

Dinner: 1 lg sweet potatoe, light butter, light brown sugar
            6oz ground chuck patty
            cup corn
            handful of tortilla chips n salsa
snack size pb m&m's (happy halloween)

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