Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 36 12/5/11 Monday it is, on the 5th week of my 90 day Challenge, and where do I begin? How about a little back-tracking..
Day 1-10/31/11, starting weight 113.8--Started the "Lean, sexy woman workout which is on bodybuilding website, poa: to gain lean muscle mass in the next 90 days, approximately 5-10lbs. worth.
Day 22-11/21/11, up approximately 2 lbs- 115.6--still following workouts, adding a lil more weight to reps, have a hard time not doing so much cardio. I love running so much, when I don't I feel like I'm neglecting it.

Thanksgiving was a little hard to pass up all the goodies..however, w/having my Vi-Shakes, it does help w/that sweet craving..

Day 36-12/5/11--weight 117.5, continuously following the plan, feeling great, I can see definition I never have before..I am very strict on my protein intake, yes I have downfalls, but will do double time to discipline myself.

I enjoy my Vi-Shakes everyday, they give me the energy and focus I need, especially during these holiday seasons..there is never enough time to cook properly seems like, and we all know with all the shopping taking place, energy levels get low..I love the Body by Vi products, Vi-pak is undescribeable. Would NOT live w/out it! And the great thing is I don't have to pay for my products every month. Nothing is btr than free. Easy system, great rewards.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 21 of the Challenge - 2mr will be weigh in..3rd week

So here it is, day 21 of my 90 day of Friday I weighed in at 115.3, so have put on about 2 lbs since the start...I'll take that, knowing it is lean muscle I am building. Strength has increased since last week, have been keeping a daily sheet on my workouts..Absolutely love seeing the changing definition in certain areas of the body..I have increased my shakes to 1 1/2 a day, sometimes 2, plus 3 meals and snacks in between..mostly a chicken and sweet potato regimin, but it's not that love LOVE the Luna brand protein bar-Peppermint n Chocolate..delicious :p And it's also great having over 100 different recipes for shakes as never gets old and boring..I am even mixing it in my coffee as a creamer! Who knew?..
Yesterday was the event in Hilliard Oh with Blake Mallen, was brilliant to say the least! He's an amazing, intellectual man..One thing that stood out to me, and I have to share it with everyone is "Don't do what your "supposed" to do, do what you are "meant" to do! Wow!! What an incredible statement. Really think about that....I know I am, have, and will...Life is so rewarding when we really do what we are meant to do..I love helping people and want to change peoples lives so they can be healthier and happier..If we all live at our true, optimal, fullest potentials, not only will we be helping ourselves, but think of all the others you can help!! It's so incredible!! I get excited just thinking and talking about it! Sometimes you have to just dig deep and believe in urself, step out of the box, and then soar..nothing is impossible! NOTHING!
Visalus is the fastest growing health challenge in North America, and I know why! Changing lives, changing bodies..IT IS AMAZING!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do u know how great it is to be a part of a company that shares the same passions as you?

Day 8! Won't it be great! lol :)) 9am-10am

Monday Monday...So here it is..Day 8, 11/7/11, back to the Upper Body Workout for today..Following a regimin that consist of 4 consecutive weeks of doing same structure, then switching it up for the next 4, then the next 4...So far, I am loving it!

Didn't do much cardio today, just a warm-up, light stretching before getting right into the main workout.
Weight today: 113.1 (?)  Location: The Gym     Length of Workout: 1 hour
Mood: A little tired but ready to get started, Monday's are...well, Monday's...middle of lifting arms got a little shaky, but i've noticed more endurance and strength is increasing..I am amazed at the definition already forming

Excercise today consisted of: Bench press, bent over barbell rows, dumbbell shoulder press, skull crushers, and barbell curls

Finished up around 9:45 am, so off to work on the Abdominals!
Full sit-ups, basic ab crunches, side-to-side w/5lb medicine ball, and bicycle kicks..(total of 15min)

O yea, and did a set of 4 plank holds for 30 sec a piece..

Diet today consisted of: Breakfast: about a cup and a 1/2 Crispix cereal w/1% milk, cup of coffee black
                                    Lunch: pb and bananna Vi Shake w/handful of pb pretzels
                                    no snack :(
                                    Dinner was too late, ate a 1/3 of a frozen pizza (thin crust, not sure of the brand, but it had roasted peppers, gouda cheese, and mushrooms on it...pretty yummy) w/a few cheese, i am so bad today!

Anyway, still working on the food part of this challenge..It is hard to eat right every day, thank goodness for Vi Shape to make up for all the nutrients I do not have time to cook for myself..It is such an amazing product, gives me the energy and willingness to keep going and do what I do..OPTIMAL HEALTH..PAY IT FORWARD!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple Pie Vi-Shake Recipe

2 scoops Vi-Shape
1/4 cup natural applesauce
1 tsp cinnamon
8-10oz milk (skim or 1%)

Nice flavor n scent for fall! Enjoy!

Summer days are filling my head...Realizing how blessed I am..

Days 6(Sat) & 7(Sun)

Saturday was my off day! Yep, I took it off completely...not even counting house-cleaning as work!

Sunday: Excercise: 4 1/2 mile Run 40min. Time change! How do I feel about that? eh..yay and nay...Haley goes to sleep earlier which is kinda nice..Me? I just get up earlier..and I hate it dark earlier..drives me nuts. But, part of the cycle, so I'll go w/it!

Morning started out great, went for a nice run this A.M., nothing like stepping out in that brisk air early on a Sunday morning..just u, God, and a few Saturday night leftovers roaming the streets..ahh...So I'm jogging along my new fave route, down to the cemetary..I find myself eager to get there?? It's like my peaceful resort of running haven..Someone/something speaks to me there..things become a little clearer..So, I do loops until I feel compelled to move on down the street..Then it's back up the hill for a "u can do it, don't stop, don't stop.." pounding in my head as I thrush to the top..If we don't push ourselves we will never know our true strengths..That, and it will take longer to get back home, lol..if I stop...So, lot's of things go through my head as always but I enjoy my morning run and only wish it were beginning as soon as it's ending...

Time to get ready for church..No matter how much extra time I have this morning, I still somehow manage to run behind..It's ok, Im not the only one..Church was great today! Dean's message was awesome!
Challenge Party at 2:00, thankful for good friends, mentors, and fellowship! Tried the apple pie shake which was de-vine!! Think I will be having that a couple times this week!! Amazing relationships are formed and are forming through Visalus and I know if we all can spread the word it can only get better! It is truly a great product and will change ur life if u let it!

Day 5: Lower Body Workout

Day 5 of the Challenge/ 11/4/11 Friday Time: 9:45-10:50 Cardio time: 20min eliptical, with remaining workout lower body

Mood: Ready to workout!!! Leg Days Rule!! Feeling Awesome!

Lower body consisted of: Deadlifts, leg press, dumbell lunges, seated calf raises, dumbbell shrugs, decine crunches, and, love the hyperextensions!
Note: shrugs make me giggle :D, nose goes up, lol

Aware of needing some lifting gloves..hands are getting callouses! ick! ok, ya, i'm totally being a girl, kinda hurts..

As of diet today..Breakfast consisted of cup of coffee, 1/2 english muffin w/pb
Lunch was a blueberry/strawberry shake
Dinner: pasta w/light meat sauce, garlic toast, and side salad..
snack of a fruit n nut bar

Need to focus on eating behavior better!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4: 11/3/11 Upper Body Time 4:45pm-5:50pm

Weight: 113.7 Location: The Gym Cardio: 1 hr. teaching zumba class Gym time: Upper Body time 1hr. 5min.
Mood: Great! :) Was in an awesome mood going in, felt even better as I was doing workout, estatic by the end, could Par-tay'd!

Upper Body today consisted of:
Dips, Pullups (which improvised w/lat pulldowns), lateral raises, triceps pushdowns, and cable curls

Def enough recovery from Monday's upper workout for todays..lovin it, def testing different muscle groups, noticing small definition improvement already.
Breakfast: english muffin w/2tbs peanut butter, cup of black coffee
Snack: bananna
Lunch: McD's: (don't freak out) McDouble, sm fry, side salad w/tbs ranch dressing (desperate times call for desperate measures)
Post workout: Blueberry/Strawberry Vi-Shape Shake
Dinner: turkey sausage, 2egg omelet w/green pepper n light ham, pepper jack cheese lightly
couple tbs. of chunky peanut butter (thanks to Haley :))

added on abs tonight: 4x 3type (20,20,40) with change up of full sit ups/reg lift....also add on of 100 full out sit ups..

Day 3: 11/2/11 Off day, but not really

So today was supposed to be my "off" day, which I did lay off on the lifting, however...I could not resist the urge to get outside for a was just way too pretty of a day not to enjoy it! I thought I would do an easy 3 1/2 miles around the neighborhood..nothing major...that turned into a 4.7 miler, felt like I was just hitting a good cadence by then..but, had to cut it off..duties called..A lot can cross ones mind as they run..maybe it's the places they run, or the places they let their mind run to...One of my favorite places to run is through the cemetary. Makes u realize how fortunate you are for every breathe you get to take, every step, time that is spent on this we all can do something to help today..really LIVE...Continuing on through town I imagine others joining in with me one by one, uniting on the uneven pavements...Everyone moving, smiling in success..We've joined together, built a who else can we help, inspire?..Yeah, sometimes when ur running, crzy things like that run through my head..i'm admitting it, but there's some sense to it I believe..Just have to read between the lines.

Lunch: Vi-Shake w/peanut butter n 1/3 bananna
So after picking up my Haley from school, we scoot on home and chill for a bit..Not much down time, just dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls, and 1/2 cup of milk
Then it's off to her tumbling class, no zumbatomic tonight so I decide for some action at spinning class! 45 minutes of great cardio w/the ol' gang at the gym! what a fun, fantastic time! I'm becoming such a gym rat..and i LOVE IT!!!!!

k, rush to pick up from tumbling, home for snack..shock: peanut butter sandwich on wheat w/ a 1/2 bananna..and dag on halloween candy got me again, so i indulged on a snack pack of oreos..:oO

All in all, it was a great day, I shoulda probably rested, but it's really hard when u have all this energy and feel this vi-vaciously good!! Love the Vi-Life and I want everyone else to as well!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: 11/1/11 11:15am Lower Body Workout

Length of Workout: 50min. Weight: 113.8 Location: The Gym Cardio: taught 1hr. zumba class
Mood when started: Started off a littled ticked off, not sure why, but more than ever determined to accomplish goal. Rough start, getting the flow of it, by the end I feel like I could move mountains..

Had to make a couple improvisions w/workout, donkey kicks, mountain climbers..they go a long way..did some sumo squats, lunge squats as leg day, its the bomb!

6:45am breakfast: small bowl of Special K vanilla w/almond, cup of coffee black

10:15 Protein Vi Shake (Peanut butter n bananna, my all time fave)

Lunch: sushi bar

Dinner: 4-6oz. fillet, sweet potatoe w/light butter, light brown sugar, 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 english muffin
Snack: cup of vanilla yogurt w/granola, snack sz peanut butter m&m's (dag on halloween)
and I cheated w/3 sm powdered donuts

Day1: 10/31/11 Time 9:00am Upper Body Workout

Length of workout: 1 1/2 hrs. Weight: 113.8 Location: The Gym Cardio: 2 1/2 mile med pace jog

Mood: Determined, There is nothing I cannot do to accomplish my goals. Setting attainable and realistic challenges only empowers us to stay focused mentally, physically, and spiritually. By empowering ourselves with knowledge and skills we can learn to share on with others. Paying it forward.

Pre workout: 1 cup black coffee
-warmup 6min stationary bike
upperbody (30min)
run/jog (2 1/2 mile)
abs: 4x- 3 type (20, 20, 40)
donkey kicks (3x 20 each side)

11:00 lunch- 100 cal pk oatmeal, 2 scoops vi-shape
                     2 pieces of 35 cal wheat bread w/2tbs. peanut butter
                     1 cup black coffee
snack: fruit n nut bar

Dinner: 1 lg sweet potatoe, light butter, light brown sugar
            6oz ground chuck patty
            cup corn
            handful of tortilla chips n salsa
snack size pb m&m's (happy halloween)

Overall Goals for the Challenge

1. Gain 8-10lbs lean muscle mass, (definition)
2. Solid 8min mile running time for 5k
3. Share the Visalus experience with as many people as possible.

My Personal 90-day Challenge

I never thought I'd ever have a goal, challenge, or desire to put on weight..For the first time in my life my challenge is to actually gain 8-10lbs of lean muscle mass. Some of you may have known me in my past, some of you haven't..but in February of 2010 I weighed in at my heaviest, 164 lbs. I was miserable, very low self-esteem, didn't have energy to want to get out of the house much..yep, that was me. It wasn't until one day my husband came home and told me about a trainer I could possibly work with..So, I decided to give it a try, and needless to say it was the first day of the the rest of my life. Since then I have ran a few 5ks, did my first 1/2 marathon this year, instructing zumba, zumbatomic..the list goes on...I don't say that braggingly, but wow, it's amazing how health does affect our lives.

Somehow in this incredible life, I have ran away a lil too many lbs, so 8-10lb increase in muscle mass is a realistic and attainable goal. With the help of online training, friend mentors, and the Visalus product line, I know I can accomplish this.

I am passionate about helping others with their health and I want to help anyone and everyone I can. I decided to study through ISSA Personal Training program so that I can become more knowledgeable in health to be able to do these things.

My family and friends mean the world to me and I believe the more we support one another the better we are! Not only for ourselves but for everyone around us.

Why/What the heck is a 90-day Challenge?

This is my first blogging experience but I felt compelled to kinda "lay it all out there" for my friends, family, aquaintences, and even new-comers to see just exactly the who, what, where, when, why and how's of my personal experience with Visalus.

So, as I prepare my thoughts into this, I think I should first begin as to briefly explain who introduced me to the product, which I will refer to as, "the Vi." I had heard some buzzing around from a few different people, thought that this was mainly for "those health nuts" out there, probably just another protein powder anyway..that was my mentality. Wasn't until I began the coming home on lunch break to find myself fixing a filet, rare, a half jar of peanut butter, boiled eggs, chicken..u get the picture..that I realized my body was lacking something..I turned to the pukingly amp, whey protein in a bucket, special k, etc...and was holding my nose to drink them down..So, a smart friend of mine (and my bestest) became a distributor, told me about Visalus out of the blue one day, I finally gave in and decided to try this "Vi" stuff..

I remember receiving the little white envelope in the mail that day..I was like a kid with anticipation. Ok, ok..lets try this..what is it? "oh wow, look at all these vitamins, minerals, less than 1 gram of sugar per serving..." "eh, idk, it's ok." thought was it's ok, but im not loving, i waited a few days...decided to try it again. (thank God for good friends :)). .obviously i did something wrong. sure enough, i like thick shakes, needed more ice, so I tried again...and Boom! It was delicious, definitely tolerable, and wow did I feel amazing. Not amped up, not caffeine buzz....just like I had a dose of B12 in my veins! Pure, delicious nutrition. My next thought was how and where can I get more of this pronto...

So, this leads up to What is a 90-day Challenge? Well, it's exactly set a personal goal, whether that be to trim down, shape up, or completely transform your body over the next 90 days..Why? You can save money, win prizes, earn income..everyone has some kind of goal they can work towards. With the help of Visalus and our team of mentors, we are here every step of the way.