Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG day!! The end of my 90-day Challenge!! In the beginning I was so strict and committed to accomplishing this goal. I have hit some bumps along the way but have somehow managed to get back on track..Christmas was the hardest time period just because of all the unhealthy sweets I tend to love..Also, getting a job and having less time to strength train also set me back..But, I still feel like I have accomplished what I aimed for, even though I know I could've done better..Guess tomorrow will tell the results...Can't wait to post the pics..And can't wait to start my new 90-day Challenge!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 36 12/5/11 Monday it is, on the 5th week of my 90 day Challenge, and where do I begin? How about a little back-tracking..
Day 1-10/31/11, starting weight 113.8--Started the "Lean, sexy woman workout which is on bodybuilding website, poa: to gain lean muscle mass in the next 90 days, approximately 5-10lbs. worth.
Day 22-11/21/11, up approximately 2 lbs- 115.6--still following workouts, adding a lil more weight to reps, have a hard time not doing so much cardio. I love running so much, when I don't I feel like I'm neglecting it.

Thanksgiving was a little hard to pass up all the goodies..however, w/having my Vi-Shakes, it does help w/that sweet craving..

Day 36-12/5/11--weight 117.5, continuously following the plan, feeling great, I can see definition I never have before..I am very strict on my protein intake, yes I have downfalls, but will do double time to discipline myself.

I enjoy my Vi-Shakes everyday, they give me the energy and focus I need, especially during these holiday seasons..there is never enough time to cook properly seems like, and we all know with all the shopping taking place, energy levels get low..I love the Body by Vi products, Vi-pak is undescribeable. Would NOT live w/out it! And the great thing is I don't have to pay for my products every month. Nothing is btr than free. Easy system, great rewards.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 21 of the Challenge - 2mr will be weigh in..3rd week

So here it is, day 21 of my 90 day of Friday I weighed in at 115.3, so have put on about 2 lbs since the start...I'll take that, knowing it is lean muscle I am building. Strength has increased since last week, have been keeping a daily sheet on my workouts..Absolutely love seeing the changing definition in certain areas of the body..I have increased my shakes to 1 1/2 a day, sometimes 2, plus 3 meals and snacks in between..mostly a chicken and sweet potato regimin, but it's not that love LOVE the Luna brand protein bar-Peppermint n Chocolate..delicious :p And it's also great having over 100 different recipes for shakes as never gets old and boring..I am even mixing it in my coffee as a creamer! Who knew?..
Yesterday was the event in Hilliard Oh with Blake Mallen, was brilliant to say the least! He's an amazing, intellectual man..One thing that stood out to me, and I have to share it with everyone is "Don't do what your "supposed" to do, do what you are "meant" to do! Wow!! What an incredible statement. Really think about that....I know I am, have, and will...Life is so rewarding when we really do what we are meant to do..I love helping people and want to change peoples lives so they can be healthier and happier..If we all live at our true, optimal, fullest potentials, not only will we be helping ourselves, but think of all the others you can help!! It's so incredible!! I get excited just thinking and talking about it! Sometimes you have to just dig deep and believe in urself, step out of the box, and then soar..nothing is impossible! NOTHING!
Visalus is the fastest growing health challenge in North America, and I know why! Changing lives, changing bodies..IT IS AMAZING!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do u know how great it is to be a part of a company that shares the same passions as you?

Day 8! Won't it be great! lol :)) 9am-10am

Monday Monday...So here it is..Day 8, 11/7/11, back to the Upper Body Workout for today..Following a regimin that consist of 4 consecutive weeks of doing same structure, then switching it up for the next 4, then the next 4...So far, I am loving it!

Didn't do much cardio today, just a warm-up, light stretching before getting right into the main workout.
Weight today: 113.1 (?)  Location: The Gym     Length of Workout: 1 hour
Mood: A little tired but ready to get started, Monday's are...well, Monday's...middle of lifting arms got a little shaky, but i've noticed more endurance and strength is increasing..I am amazed at the definition already forming

Excercise today consisted of: Bench press, bent over barbell rows, dumbbell shoulder press, skull crushers, and barbell curls

Finished up around 9:45 am, so off to work on the Abdominals!
Full sit-ups, basic ab crunches, side-to-side w/5lb medicine ball, and bicycle kicks..(total of 15min)

O yea, and did a set of 4 plank holds for 30 sec a piece..

Diet today consisted of: Breakfast: about a cup and a 1/2 Crispix cereal w/1% milk, cup of coffee black
                                    Lunch: pb and bananna Vi Shake w/handful of pb pretzels
                                    no snack :(
                                    Dinner was too late, ate a 1/3 of a frozen pizza (thin crust, not sure of the brand, but it had roasted peppers, gouda cheese, and mushrooms on it...pretty yummy) w/a few cheese, i am so bad today!

Anyway, still working on the food part of this challenge..It is hard to eat right every day, thank goodness for Vi Shape to make up for all the nutrients I do not have time to cook for myself..It is such an amazing product, gives me the energy and willingness to keep going and do what I do..OPTIMAL HEALTH..PAY IT FORWARD!