Sunday, November 6, 2011

Days 6(Sat) & 7(Sun)

Saturday was my off day! Yep, I took it off completely...not even counting house-cleaning as work!

Sunday: Excercise: 4 1/2 mile Run 40min. Time change! How do I feel about that? eh..yay and nay...Haley goes to sleep earlier which is kinda nice..Me? I just get up earlier..and I hate it dark earlier..drives me nuts. But, part of the cycle, so I'll go w/it!

Morning started out great, went for a nice run this A.M., nothing like stepping out in that brisk air early on a Sunday morning..just u, God, and a few Saturday night leftovers roaming the streets..ahh...So I'm jogging along my new fave route, down to the cemetary..I find myself eager to get there?? It's like my peaceful resort of running haven..Someone/something speaks to me there..things become a little clearer..So, I do loops until I feel compelled to move on down the street..Then it's back up the hill for a "u can do it, don't stop, don't stop.." pounding in my head as I thrush to the top..If we don't push ourselves we will never know our true strengths..That, and it will take longer to get back home, lol..if I stop...So, lot's of things go through my head as always but I enjoy my morning run and only wish it were beginning as soon as it's ending...

Time to get ready for church..No matter how much extra time I have this morning, I still somehow manage to run behind..It's ok, Im not the only one..Church was great today! Dean's message was awesome!
Challenge Party at 2:00, thankful for good friends, mentors, and fellowship! Tried the apple pie shake which was de-vine!! Think I will be having that a couple times this week!! Amazing relationships are formed and are forming through Visalus and I know if we all can spread the word it can only get better! It is truly a great product and will change ur life if u let it!

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