Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why/What the heck is a 90-day Challenge?

This is my first blogging experience but I felt compelled to kinda "lay it all out there" for my friends, family, aquaintences, and even new-comers to see just exactly the who, what, where, when, why and how's of my personal experience with Visalus.

So, as I prepare my thoughts into this, I think I should first begin as to briefly explain who introduced me to the product, which I will refer to as, "the Vi." I had heard some buzzing around from a few different people, thought that this was mainly for "those health nuts" out there, probably just another protein powder anyway..that was my mentality. Wasn't until I began the coming home on lunch break to find myself fixing a filet, rare, a half jar of peanut butter, boiled eggs, chicken..u get the picture..that I realized my body was lacking something..I turned to the pukingly amp, whey protein in a bucket, special k, etc...and was holding my nose to drink them down..So, a smart friend of mine (and my bestest) became a distributor, told me about Visalus out of the blue one day, I finally gave in and decided to try this "Vi" stuff..

I remember receiving the little white envelope in the mail that day..I was like a kid with anticipation. Ok, ok..lets try this..what is it? "oh wow, look at all these vitamins, minerals, less than 1 gram of sugar per serving..." "eh, idk, it's ok." thought was it's ok, but im not loving, i waited a few days...decided to try it again. (thank God for good friends :)). .obviously i did something wrong. sure enough, i like thick shakes, needed more ice, so I tried again...and Boom! It was delicious, definitely tolerable, and wow did I feel amazing. Not amped up, not caffeine buzz....just like I had a dose of B12 in my veins! Pure, delicious nutrition. My next thought was how and where can I get more of this pronto...

So, this leads up to What is a 90-day Challenge? Well, it's exactly set a personal goal, whether that be to trim down, shape up, or completely transform your body over the next 90 days..Why? You can save money, win prizes, earn income..everyone has some kind of goal they can work towards. With the help of Visalus and our team of mentors, we are here every step of the way.

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